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Cutaneous Adnexal Tumors

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Adnexal tumors of the skin are complex, with confusing nomenclature. Many lesions show marked variation in histological appearance and there is considerable morphological overlap between different entities. These tumors are relatively rare, compared for example with melanocytic lesions, but still are part of everyday routine work for all histopathologists. Therefore, many general pathologists (the majority of whom are obliged to report dermatopathology specimens) are unfamiliar with the topic and even the experts have difficulties with the more challenging cases. Although the majority of adnexal tumors represent benign lesions, malignant counterparts do occur and these often represent a diagnostic pitfall. There are many inherited syndromes in which cutaneous adnexal tumors are a feature, and failure to recognize these associations may have serious implications. The proposed book will be comprehensive and will include all recognized variants covering the broad spectrum of adnexal tumor pathology. Included will also be chapters dealing with site-specific lesions such as the eyelid, neck, navel, anogenital areas, etc. The format will be extremely user-friendly comprising succinct text and comprehensive microscopic illustrations. The scope will be such that any variation on the theme of adnexal tumor pathology will be readily available at a glance. The text will be structured as follows: clinical features, histology, immunohistochemistry, genetic features and differential diagnosis.


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  • ISBN: 1605478547
  • EAN: 9781605478548

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