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Fundraising for Social Change, 7th ed.

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Publikováno: 2016
Formát: Paperback 448 stran
Cena: 1 980 Kč ( 1 800 Kč bez DPH)


The bible of grassroots fundraising, updated with the latest tools and methods Fundraising for Social Change is the preeminent guide to securing funding, with a specific focus on progressive nonprofit organizations with budgets under $5 million. Used by nonprofits nationally and internationally, this book provides a soup-to-nuts prescription for building, maintaining, and expanding an individual donor program. Author Kim Klein is a recognized authority on all aspects of fundraising, and this book distills her decades of expertise into fundraising strategies that work. This updated seventh edition includes new information on the impact of generational change, using social media effectively, multi-channel fundraising, and more, including expanded discussion on retaining donors and on legacy giving. Widely considered the 'bible of grassroots fundraising,' this practically-grounded guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who has to raise money for important causes. A strong, sustainable fundraising strategy must possess certain characteristics. You need people who are willing to ask and realistic goals. You need to gather data and use it to improve results, and you need to translate your ideas in to language donors will understand. A robust individual donor program creates stable and long-term cash flow, and this book shows you how to structure your fundraising appropriately no matter how tight your initial budget. * Develop and maintain a large base of individual donors * Utilize strategies that pay off sooner rather than later * Expand your reach and get your message out to the donor pool * Translate traditional fundraising methods into strategies that work for social justice organizations with little or no front money Basing your fundraising strategy on the contributions of individual donors may feel like herding cats but it's the best way for your organization to maintain maximum freedom to pursue the mission that matters. A robust, organized, planned approach can help you reach your goals sooner, and Fundraising for Social Change is the field guide for putting it all together to make big things happen.


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  • EAN: 9781119209775

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