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Medical Genetics ISE

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Publikováno: 2014
Formát: hardback+CD 432 stran
Cena: 891 Kč ( 810 Kč bez DPH)


A complete introductory text on how to integrate basic genetic principles into the practice of clinical medicine Medical Genetics is the first text to focus on the everyday application of genetic assessment and its diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive implications in clinical practice. It is intended to be a text that you can use throughout medical school and refer back to when questions arise during residency and, eventually, practice. Medical Genetics is written as a narrative where each chapter builds upon the foundation laid by previous ones. Chapters can also be used as stand-alone learning aids for specific topics. Taken as a whole, this timely book delivers a complete overview of genetics in medicine. You will find in-depth, expert coverage of such key topics as: The structure and function of genes Cytogenetics Mendelian inheritance Mutations Genetic testing and screening Genetic therapies Disorders of organelles Key genetic diseases, disorders, and syndromes Each chapter of Medical Genetics is logically organized into three sections: Background and Systems – Includes the basic genetic principles needed to understand the medical application Medical Genetics – Contains all the pertinent information necessary to build a strong knowledge base for being successful on every step of the USMLE Case Study Application – Incorporates case study examples to illustrate how basic principles apply to real-world patent care Today, with every component of health care delivery requiring a working knowledge of core genetic principles, Medical Genetics is a true must-read for every clinician.


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  • ISBN: 1259095193
  • EAN: 9781259095191

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