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Surgical Treatment of Orthopaedic Trauma, 2nd Ed.

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Publikováno: 2016
Formát: hardback 1152 stran
Cena: 11 000 Kč ( 10 000 Kč bez DPH)


The updated edition reflects recent advances in orthopaedic traumatology and a wealth of evidence-based, clinical expertise from world-class surgeons. It expands on the award-winning 2007 edition, with a more extensive video library that is notable in depth and breadth. The expertly written and richly illustrated text, coupled with the remarkable video compilation, enable surgeons to augment skills, overcome challenges, perfect surgical techniques, and successfully manage even the most complex cases. Master orthopaedic surgeons present state-of-the art approaches for treating traumatic injuries that range from those that are life-threatening to the more routine. Throughout 36 chapters and professionally produced videos, cutting-edge concepts and step-by-step guidance are provided on the following: Clinical evaluationInjury classificationStandardized guidelinesNon-operative methodsIndications for surgical treatmentCurrent surgical techniquesComorbidities, potential hazards, and complicationsClinical pearls, tips and tricksSurviving the nightOutcome dataCase studiesKey Highlights: More than 150 high-quality surgical videos are a superb learning tool, providing ample opportunity to watch, listen, and acquire new insights from orthopaedic experts as they perform a wide array of surgeriesVideos detail surgical procedures from preoperative planning and patient positioning to suturing the skin, featuring personalized commentary that delivers one-on-one trainingMore than 1,500 first-rate illustrations, diagrams, and radiographic studiesThis impressive, multimedia resource is an invaluable, must-have tool for orthopaedic surgeons, emergency room physicians, and residents who treat patients with traumatic skeletal injuries. It also provides a fundamental resource for board-exam preparation.


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  • EAN: 9781604067620

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